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PC Checkup is a downloadable software program that:

  • Performs a one-time diagnostic scan of compatible personal computers to identify software or hardware issues that might be impacting computer performance, usability, or stability.

  • Allows users to choose to have certain computer settings changed and makes those changes to address some of the software issues identified through the diagnostic scan (e.g., delete temporary Internet files, delete browser cookies, reset browser cache setting, etc.).

  • Presents certain recommended Lenovo services for purchase that are intended to address the software or hardware issues identified through the diagnostic scan.

Please click the “Download Now” button to initiate the download process. It may normally take about 3-5 minutes, but the download time varies depending on your internet connection speed. Once the download is complete, click “Run” when prompted and then just follow the on-screen instructions. The Lenovo Services PC Checkup will not run without your permission and may be removed following the scan.

The minimum system requirements to run PC Checkup include: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7; 1 GHz CPU; CPU Usage <60%; 128 MB RAM; 500MB free HD space; Internet Explorer 6 or newer; and an active broadband Internet service.